A Lump of Cash: Black Friday Personal Loans from SFC

With Black Friday loans from Sterling Finance Company, generous-hearted gift-givers like you no longer have to make a choice between spending unmanageable lumps of cash on a tight budget or giving what feels like uninspiring lumps of coal to friends and family you’d prefer to dazzle. We offer a convenient solution!

Leading up to November 25th, hard-core shoppers take careful stock of what they’ve been able to save up in order to spend it wisely at the biggest, most exciting sales of the year. For some, though, the opportunities presented on Black Friday may seem out of the reach of their bank account.

For folks in that position and for the savvy shoppers who want to be certain they don’t miss out on any amazing deals, here are some of the greatest advantages of taking out a Black Friday loan from SFC:

  • Instant cash for qualified applicants means that you can have a lump of cash totaling up to $5,000 easily accessible for the biggest one-day-sale events you want to attend.
  • Big-ticket items can be paid for in cash to avoid store financing which often comes with high interest rates.
  • Competitively low interest rates from SFC offer you the ability to increase your financial reserves for Black Friday then get efficiently out of debt on your own budget without spending money needlessly on higher interest rates
  • Expert support and guidance from Sterling Finance Company’s lending professionals help you get the funds you need quickly and create a repayment schedule tailored to your needs.
  • Perfect credit is not necessary to get a Black Friday loan from SFC – if you meet our requirements and demonstrate a willingness and ability to pay us back, we will do everything we can to get you to the sales well-funded and ready to (jingle bell) rock.

While you are building your Black Friday strategy, keep in mind how a loan can work very much to your financial advantage this holiday season! We encourage you to contact your local Sterling Finance Company branch with any questions you have regarding how a personal loan fits into your budget and can help you achieve your purpose this shopping season.

If you are ready to get started and take full advantage of SFC’s Black Friday loans right away, you can start the process quickly and conveniently from home by applying online today!

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