Keeping Lending Local with Personal Loans in Statesboro, GA!

The Statesboro office has been dominating the field this year as three-time winners of Sterling Finance Company’s Office of the Month Award in 2011! Laura and Marisa are an unstoppable combination of kindness and professionalism that keep them in the running month after month by offering personal loans in Statesboro, GA. Congratulations, ladies!

When asked what they believe won them this honor for an outstanding October, they said, above all, that offering efficient and attentive service is the way forward!

They put a great deal of effort into processing loan applications quickly to get their customers the help they need just as quickly as possible, even with a high volume of applications – which there certainly were. By offering a high number of low-interest rate personal loans in Statesboro, GA (which really means “helping a lot of neighbors”) Laura and Marisa have made themselves a winning team while aiding their community.

What’s more, they believe that what makes their office stand out is the very community they are a part of. Statesboro is a small town and this Sterling Finance office has the charming quality of already knowing many folks who come into the office; if they don’t, they’ll know them by first name before they leave!

In addition to offering personal loans in Stateboro, GA, they also offer tax services, retail sales financing, debt consolidation loans, and plenty of genuine advice to help you determine which lending services may be the right fit for your particular financial situation.

When they’re not helping their customers directly with Sterling’s variety of loan services, Office Manager Laura and Loan Officer Marisa spread their friendliness and enthusiasm by decorating their office for holidays and sending out thank you cookies for those who borrow $1,500 or more to make sure everyone knows how much we care about their comfort and appreciate their business.

A special story they shared with us is about a customer who came in after having her car wrecked. She had tried finding financing but because she had less than perfect credit, had struggled to obtain any assistance. The Statesboro office was able to get her back into a car and she was literally hopping up and down with excitement at the office.

We live for that. Helping people in their time of financial need is what Sterling Finance Company is all about. While they did not report hopping up and down, Laura and Marisa did celebrate their victory with lunch on the company at Shogun, a local Japanese steak house!

If you find yourself in need of a personal loan in Statesboro, GA, be sure to stop in to say hello and check out what our Statesboro team has to offer in your time of need. Or, if you’re ready to get started right away, you can apply for a loan online!

Congratulations once again to Laura and Marisa for winning SFC’s Office of the Month Award!

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