Get Personal Loans in LaGrange, GA from SFC’s Office of the Month!

The LaGrange office is on a roll, winning SFC’s Office of the Month Award two months in a row by offering personal loans in LaGrange, GA! It just goes to show the power of positive, reliable relationships – and the LaGrange team has it in spades.

There are many factors that go into winning SFC’s Office of the Month award, including things like loan volume (which for us means getting to help more people) and delinquency goals (which means working with customer to be sure they can efficiently get out of debt). The LaGrange office won for the second consecutive month by achieving the best overall score among SFC offices for meeting such goals. Way to go, LaGrange!

Through their hard work and determination, Donna, Crystal, and Lynn have been turning personal loans in LaGrange, GA into opportunities to help real people with real financial obstacles overcome them and live better lives. Plus, with other great products like consolidation loans, they can help over-extended borrowers get ahead of the interest rate rat race and take back control of their finances.

We asked what they do that is special for their customers and makes them stand out among their peers and they said that they’ve got a great mix of personalities that work well with each other and with their customers. The ability to give away $40 customer referral bonus and cookies for certain loans over $1500 doesn’t hurt customer relations, either!

Their focus on customer relationships makes it so that they know their customers by name as well as their individual circumstances. Being that engaged and knowing people on a more personal level helps the LaGrange office keep their delinquency rates down and customer satisfaction soaring.

What keeps their own satisfaction flying high is the ability to help people in their time of need. This has been as fundamentally touching as helping a customer whose father passed on pay for an appropriate burial, as rewarding as helping customers escape high interest rate title loans, and as light as aiding a visitor who ran in with a bee trapped in their clothes!

To celebrate their victory, the ladies of LaGrange took us up on our offer of lunch on the company and enjoyed a delicious lunch at A Taste of Lemon, a local restaurant near the LaGrange Art Museum that’s known for its southern cuisine!

If you find yourself in need of a personal loan in LaGrange, GA, be sure to stop in for a visit with SFC’s team of hard-working and personable lending professionals today, or if you’re ready to go ahead and get started, you can apply online. Congratulations again to Donna, Crystal, and Lynn of the LaGrange team for winning SFC’s Office of the Month Award!

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